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Updated: Nov 16, 2019


Particular business providing goods and services known by particular name, that name creates brand, value with particular quality and describe its existence. And that particular name of business can be booked on business owner’s name that no one can use it. By which you can become unique in the market. That all is called as trademark in language of the Law.

Trademark is particular, unique design, shape, word, or combination of your business name. It could be combination of name and logo. Trademark is the name by which business is known, logo explains your goods and services. Basically trademark/logo is your image.

What is trademark ?

Is the mark of goods and services so as to enable the consumer to identify the source of it.

It is used for advertising the product.

It provides features of quality.

It builds brand image.

Essentials of good trademark ?

It should be distinctive.

It should be an invented word.

It should be easy to understand and pronounce.

It must be easy to spell correctly and write legibly.

It should be short.

It should be appealing to the eye.

It should satisfy the requirements of registration.

It should not belongs to the class of marks prohibited for registration.

What are requirements of registration ?

Anything which is unique and invented by one’s intellect can be registered as the trademark or logo of business providing goods and services but the only requirement is that it should not be existed in name of others. It should not be prohibited by any law to use as public image.

Trademark basically applies to differentiate the one thing from other. No one can use things which are already describe something particularly or generally. Humans use different languages as means of communication, the words which collectively frame particular language can not be used by any one because it is invented for public. Trademark is next step of all these things.

Procedure of registration :

1. Filling of application

2. Appeal no. allotment

3. Data entry

4. Scanning codification

5. Examination & examination report

6. If Accepted then

7. Journal publication

8. Await for opposition

9. If objected then there is different long procedure to be followed.

Why trademark registration ?

It can create your different image in market. It can create different value of your goods and services. You can be identified for long, your consumer can find you easily.


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